Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in the United States?

cbd hemp legal us

Hemp is a cannabis plant, which leaves many to question the legality of CBD hemp oil in the United States. To clarify, CBD oil is legal in the United States when derived from hemp. Yet, other sources will tell you differently. Why is this so?  Hemp and marijuana are often considered to be the same…

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The Side Effects of CBD Hemp Oil

cbd side effects

While it has only popularized in the past five years or so, cannabidiol (CBD) has been researched for decades. Additionally, anecdotal evidence has shown us the possibilities of this hemp-derived compound. The safety profile of CBD has been confirmed through both scientific documentation and personal testimonies.  Unlike THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, CBD is…

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The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

hemp vs marijuana

The words “hemp” and “marijuana” have been used synonymously for decades; however, hemp and marijuana are separate plants with differing composition, application and cultivation. Although these two plants both come from the genus cannabis, it is important to distinguish the two.  Why is it important to distinguish hemp from marijuana?  Hemp has long been grouped…

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