CBD and Anxiety

While it is normal to experience occasional anxiety, in excess can affect our quality of life. Anxiety disorders are defined by extreme fear or worry of everyday situations and can be debilitating.   Nearly 40 million people in the United States have an anxiety disorder and many are prescribed pharmaceuticals as treatment. While these drugs may be…

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An Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System

Many of us consume cannabidiol (CBD) to ease our symptoms. At some point in our wellness journey, we may come to wonder exactly how CBD works. It is important to understand how a supplement is affecting our biology.  CBD works as a therapeutic agent because we have a biological system to interact with it. It is…

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Terpenes and their Role in Cannabis

If you’ve ever taken a whiff of cannabis, you’ll notice it has a distinct fragrance. Some strains have a heavy, dank scent while others are more uplifting, even fruity. These aromatics can be attributed to terpenes, but don’t reduce these compounds to just a scent. Terpenes play an important role in the consumption of cannabis.   …

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Understanding CBDa: The Precursor to CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most highly recognized compounds of hemp. CBD shows potential as a treatment for numerous diseases and it has caught the attention of both researchers and the public. CBD is not the most prevalent compound in hemp, however.   The CBD compound starts as CBDa (cannabidiolic acid), the most prominent cannabinoid in the hemp plant.  …

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What is the Relationship Between CBD and Sleep?

We’ve all experienced it: a night of restless tossing and racing thoughts. Sometimes, the culprit is the anxiety (or excitement!) before a big event. Other times, however, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why we can’t get a good night’s rest. A large population struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep, and it can…

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CBD and Pets: Early Research and What You Need to Know

We’d do anything for our pets. When a new pet product is released, especially one that can be consumed, we do our research. Such may be the case for cannabidiol (CBD), a compound of cannabis. CBD pet products are growing in popularity and, as a pet owner, you may be interested in the efficacy and…

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Can CBD Hemp Oil Get You High?

does cbd get you high

One of the most common questions about CBD hemp oil is, “can it get you high?”  Put simply, the answer is no. You can consume any amount of CBD hemp oil in any form and will not experience any intoxicating effects.  Why not?  As the name suggests, CBD hemp oil is derived from the industrial…

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Does CBD Hemp Oil Have THC?

does cbd oil have thc

THC is an intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. As we know, hemp is a cannabis plant: does this mean CBD hemp oil contains THC? It is an important question for those who do not wish to experience the intoxicating effects of THC or must routinely test for THC.    What is THC (and…

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Does CBD Hemp Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

Routine drug screening is common for many employers and professional organizations. Drug-testing programs are designed to detect the presence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or certain prescription drugs. Drug testing is required for federal employees and many private sectors have drug testing programs in place.  A drug-testing program should comply with local, state, and federal laws.…

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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil vs. CBD Isolate

full spectrum vs cbd isolate

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active compound extracted from the hemp plant. Consumers use CBD products—including tinctures, edibles, vape, and skincare—to help with symptoms relating to epilepsy, pain and inflammation, and anxiety.  During the extraction process, CBD can be processed into different forms. Two of the most common are full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate. Both…

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